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I am sure by now you have all heard that we are currently living in the age of social media. It completely dominates our lives, in both good and bad ways. I could go on about some of the negative impacts of social media, however when it comes to advertising and promoting your brand there is nothing more powerful at the moment. Every page like, or follower you get is a potential visitor to your website, and therefore a potential buyer. Basically the more page likes you have the higher chance you have of converting those likes into sales. When you first think about advertising, social media is not always at the front of the marketing campaign. However it should be! Spending just £50 on Facebook advertising (with the correct target audience) can get you over 200 likes in a single campaign. Colour Media has worked closely with our clients to establish exactly what each clients target audience is. We then take this information and analyse it to pick out the most important demographics, this creates a focused advert that will reach relevant customers. That is the important thing here, it is perfectly fine to just use a standard Facebook advert and not do any of the advanced settings, this will get you page likes; but it will not get you a relevant audience. Not having a relevant audience means people are far less likely to engage and ultimately buy your product.

Facebook AdvertisingFacebook Advertising Case Study

Colour Media started doing social media management for Memories.me. Part of the social media management service is developing an advertising strategy together with the Memories team. We sat down and worked out exactly what our end goal was and how together Colour Media would help them achieve it. Without giving away the marketing strategy, the first step was to increase their brand presence through social media. This meant gaining followers on Twitter, Instagram and getting Facebook Page likes. This is where the Facebook advertising is so valuable. Memories spent only £50 on some Facebook advertising and it paid off. Memories Facebook page started with 6 page likes and finished with 204 page likes, in just over a month. People are now engaging with the brand and we have built a platform which together we can develop further through different types of Facebook advertising, including things like special promotions.

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As well as using Facebook and other social media for paid advertising it is an incredibly powerful platform for getting to know what your customers need and what they are saying about your products. You can have instant engagement and get real feedback from real customers. This helps to develop a good relationship with your customers; and an understanding of how your brand or product is doing.

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