Content Marketing Infographic

Content marketing is one of the most important things to consider when promoting your business or brand. Content marketing ranges from simple infographics right the way through to complicated video animations. The content that you put on your website is what attracts customers to your brand, and the more regularly you post interesting content the more you will get customers returning and actively engaging with your brand.

91% of business to business marketers already use content marketing. That is an incredibly high figure and it demonstrates how powerful content marketing actually is. We can tell you how amazing it is and you could take our word for it, however the fact is businesses are already using it to their advantage and you see it every day just by going on Facebook or Twitter. If you are not doing any content marketing yet then you are getting left behind and you need to get involved with it.

Content Marketing Channels

Content marketing works in a number of different ways. Firstly you need to have content, this can be video, images or blog posts. The next stage is the promotion of that content, after all it would be pointless writing and working on unique content that no one will see. This is where social media comes in and is such an incredible tool to market your brand/business/product. Visitors to your website want to see engaging interesting content and this is exactly the same for social media. When you are promoting yourself over social media it is crucial to get people engaging with your posts or tweets. So if you have interesting and unique content to promote then customers will be far more likely to engage and come back regularly looking for more.

Look at the infographic below to learn a bit more about content marketing.

Content Marketing Infographic 2



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