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Your idea becomes a reality when you work with Colour Media. We will exceed your expectations.

Who We are?

Colour Media is a creative agency that specialises in handling media projects. This includes things such as product photography right the way through to brand promotion through content creation in the form of video production.

What We do?

We take your initial ideas and turn them into a reality, we work with our clients to come up with a detailed brief for the work and then we set our creative team loose. Our team is not afraid to experiment and try new things to exceed expectation.


If you don’t see exactly what you are after here please get in touch with us, we regularly collaborate and work together with people and companies so can offer recommendations or even undertake the work.


High quality imagery is essential to promoting and selling a brand or product.


Photography is an essential part of marketing or selling a product or brand. This includes a wide range of photography from shooting properties and offices, product photography, or event photography to promote a brand or event itself.

 What we do

We work with our clients to set a realistic budget and undertake work according to a specified brief so everyone knows what they will be getting in the end. We have done contracted work ranging from big brands like JP Morgan through Gameface Media down to small local businesses who also understand the importance of high quality imagery.

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To find out more about what we do and how we work please follow the link below to view some more detailed explanations.


Email: info@colour-media.com
Mobile: 07766 704 587

Aerial Imagery

Aerial Footage

VVideo Production

Video production should be a key consideration in any marketing budget for 2020

What do we do?

Together with our sister company Prizm Productions we produce high quality video content for marketing and event promotions. 

We have worked with clients big and small, from Vodafone to Nike and McLaren. We produce event recap videos, client testimonials, product testimonials, event highlights, corporate interviews and much much more. To see what we can do for you please get in touch.

Email: info@colour-media.com

Mobile: 07766 704 587